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Do any of you guys have any advice or tips for raising two puppies? I’ve recently gotten 2 seven week old Pomeranian puppies (originally I just had one and give one to my best friend but she decided she probably shouldn’t take it since she has a…

Hello! :) Felicia told me you were asking for help with puppies.
I would probably look a the ingredient in the dog food. You want to make sure it has good ingredients in it. No chicken by product mean, you want real chicken and other natural ingredients. Much like we want real food . I have one dog on a salmon and sweet potato diet and one on another food(I would have both on the same but the breeder gave us health guarantee for one of our dogs.)
I know many people house training puppies will take them outside every 30-60 minutes (so basically 1 or 2 times an hour) at first.  

Are they being crate trained?


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